Everybody goes through phases in life when emotional strain
causes psychological imbalance. Family matters plus pressure at work can sometimes be more than a person can handle. Motivation and quality as well as quantity of output can drop significantly especially in the case of professionals in positions where creativity and high performance are required. Good workers need to produce to feel fulfilled; when problems get in the way, motivation suffers.

Not everybody is capable of leaving their private problems at home
and be a top performer at work at the same time. In the same way that stress at work influences your life at home, private problems also influence the quality of your work. Giving your staff the opportunity to talk about their problems in a confidential context and facilitating a therapeutic approach might be highly positive for both employee and employer.

It is therefore only logical that mental health amongst the staff is given a high priority. In many countries outside Germany it is already common practice to offer an on-site therapist who is available to listen to problems. Feeling understood and cared for, the employee develops greater respect and understanding for their organization.


A simple example is the loss of productivity through common and recurring illnesses such as back pain and the common cold, which may be made worse by their emotional state. Even worse, an employee suffering a burnout might decide to leave their job because they find themselves in a situation which is too much to handle. This is more than likely a reflection of the state the company or department finds itself in at that time; this is clearly the time to take action and invest in psychotherapeutic support which can diffuse the crisis and offer a much needed release for hidden frustration.

In case of crisis situation, for example the need to release employees due to restructuring, the presence of a neutral person is necessary in order to maintain mental stability, present a new and alternative vision and allow the team to keep their eyes on the road ahead .