Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie

Praxis für lösungsfokussierte

Therapie und Beratung

You might be a long way from home, but you are not alone. As your therapist, I help you cope with personal problems. I guide you through difficult phases in life and support you in finding solutions. The foundation of my work consists of a solution focused approach combined with methods from cognitive behavioural therapy and client-centered therapy.


  • Communication Science Diploma in London, specialising in Psychology
  • Qualified Alternative Practitioner for Psychotherapy, Counsellor and Coach
  • Chartered and registered with the appropriate professional bodies
  • Member of the National Organisation of Psychotherapists and Alternative Practitioners

Due to my intuition I feel more than connected with the psyche of my fellow human beings. My sensitivity and understanding of a persons’s state of mind, as well as analytics and authenticity allow me to clearly assess the current situation. 

My own multicultural background and long stays in other countries help me empathise with the needs of different people.


Problem talk creates problems, solution talk creates solutions

(Steve de Shazer)

Recognising the causes and increasing awareness about the source of problems might be appropriate; however the goal is to look forward. The road towards a solution as the main focus is central in therapy and coaching. Enhancing internal competence, skills and resources that already exist, form the foundation in this process.

The practice of applying elements from different therapy and coaching methods allow an individual approach for each client.

Problems are part of human life. The fact is that solutions exist.

Already a small change can be instrumental in the re-organisation of your system. Our goal is to allow you to recognise these solutions and engage yourself in the act of controlling your own life and influencing your own environment.


The fast track to helping yourself

In psychotherapy one has the opportunity to explore feelings and life experiences. Through self discovery the root cause of a problem becomes apparent. This awareness enables you to influence your own well-being.

Why does my life feel so pointless? Why is every day so difficult, why do I feel under pressure? Why am I with the wrong partner? If these questions cause psychological strain and also your physical health is affected – sleeping disorder, stress, depression amongst others – then it’s time to accept help.

In an environment of absolute trust and honesty, together we focus on solutions, new perspectives and appreciate the positive. Your symptoms begin to retreat as a result of the therapy. You begin to enjoy life, experience self acceptance and develop social competence.


Time for a change

Coaching is a structured solution focused process from which you can benefit if you are feeling restricted. Perhaps you would like to improve your professional situation or give your private life a boost.

Defining your goal is the start of the coaching process. By breaking out of established patterns and discovering different approaches you optimise your personal and professional potential.

Through acceptance and trust coaching can give you the strength to step outside of your comfort zone.


Use your chance

When disagreement, blame or silence dominate a relationship , therapy is a chance to start communication. Neutral mediation serves as a window towards understanding the partner’s behaviour.

And one’s own reactions.

Equally important is to value one’s own self sufficiency and to be aware of one’s feelings. Couple therapy helps you understand which way to go. Once patterns become apparent, solutions begin to present themselves. Through a change of perspective relationships achieve a better balance.

Engagement in couple therapy may help determine that separation is the better way. Understanding the reasons why can aid in more amicable communication and a more respectful way of dealing with each other.


Understanding fights

Massive fights, dramatic escalations, leading to sexuell conflicts, often find their cause in traumatic experiences in childhood.

Beating up, abuse, physical and emotional neglect, mentally ill parents, drug and alcohol abuse, fighting parents and loss of one parents due to death, separation or disease can lead to serious trauma in relationships.

This trauma is carried into a partnership and puts weight on both partners.
Separation seems to be the only solution when it comes to severe crisis. But if we look at the repetitive patterns in all the fights and try to understand what is really happening, we have a chance to understand the message in those fights. Once pain recedes, peace can return and love can flow again.