• "My partner’s affair hurts. But we were still able to make a new start together"

  • "I learned to appreciate my husband’s cultural background"

  • "Our whole family benefited from couple therapy. Now we talk to each other when we have a conflict!"

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  • couple therapy

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When disagreement, blame or silence dominate a relationship , therapy is a chance to start communication. Neutral mediation serves as a window towards understanding the partner’s behaviour.

And one’s own reactions.

Equally important is to value one’s own self sufficiency and to be aware of one’s feelings. Couple therapy helps you understand which way to go. Once patterns become apparent, solutions begin to present themselves. Through a change of perspective relationships achieve a better balance.

Engagement in couple therapy may help determine that separation is the better way. Understanding the reasons why can aid in more amicable communication and a more respectful way of dealing with each other.

Couple Therapy: